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Your Best Lipstick Ever

Create Your Best Lipstick Ever

Updating your lipstick and knowing proper technique when applying lipstick is the most important part of your makeup magic. So many women stick with the same brand, color and types of lipsticks they have used for years, or even throughout their entire adult life, without realizing they are stuck in time wrap, paying a little attention to it, usually combined with a bad routine of quick swipe and go. They don't realize lipstick is an essential part of every gorgeous makeup, and final, but very important, touch that pulls whole look together. Read on and learn how to apply your best looking lipstick ever, find valuable tips, and learn how to avoid lipstick mistakes during your regular makeup routine.

Choose Your Lipstick Colors

It is all about you wearing the color, not the color wearing you, so pay special attention to lipstick color. Finding right shade of lipstick depends on your complexion, skin undertones and personal preferences.

Once you have found your type of complexion and undertone, choose a lipstick with a complimentary coloring. The right shade is also essential to pulling your look together without washing you out. One color that looks great on most skin tones is a neutral lipstick in a soft pink tone like CoverGirl Lip Perfection Delicious.

If you are not sure of which pink is best for you, smile and look at your gums; according to Ultimate Beauty Secrets your perfect shade is about the same color as your gums, no lighter.

For yellow skin undertones, stick to lipstick with warmer colors and for pink undertones, look for shades with blue or purple tones in them. Those with olive skin tones can wear just about any color, while fairer skin tones should avoid anything too light or with too much of a yellow undertone. As for darker skin tones, avoid anything too light or pale on the lips — deeper shades look more naturally flattering.

If nude lips are more in your comfort zone, choose a shade that slightly contrasts your skin tone - otherwise it seems like lips disappear. For fair skin, that means a pink based nude; for medium a toffee-colored hue; and for dark skin, a caramel-colored nude. Nude lips look the most natural without tons of sparkle, so skip the shimmery varieties.

Matte lipsticks and lip stains will last longer but can be drying, so don't skip the lip prep and moisturize process!

A lot of women learned the habit of applying lipstick starting at the centre of the lips, and they tend to miss the outer portion of their lips, which can create unintentional smaller looking lips. But if you try to apply lipstick starting from the outer corner of the mouth, going up toward the bow at the centre of your top lip, you will create effect of fuller lips with softer lines. The other benefit is, you will always have perfectly colored lips, without missing the outer portion of your lips.

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Prepare Your Lips

In addition to keeping your lips hydrated, exfoliating before applying lipstick is essential. Your lips need to look moisturized and smooth before you apply lipstick. Keep in mind that nothing can ruin your entire makeup look quite like bad looking parched or chopped lips.

The best way to accomplish smooth lips is to gently exfoliate and hydrate them. Exfoliating removes the rough skin and dead skin cells. Applying a moisturizing lip butter or hydrating lip balm, will give you a beautiful, smooth and moisturized lip surface for lipstick and it will also help your lipstick to last longer. If you vant to learn how to exfoliate your lips CLICK HERE.

Check the texture

If you have small lips, don't use lip stains or anything too matte, because matte finish will shrink the appearance of your lips and make your pout appear like a stamp of colour on your face.

As you age, the texture you choose becomes even more important; stay away from anything too frosty, as that draws attention to lines around your lips.

If you are looking for long lasting wear, stay away from products that are too moist, or emollient.

Should You Use Lip Liner?

Well, that depends. If you are wearing a really intense colour, liner helps your lipstick stay put. We recommend maching your lip liner shade to your lipstick, or a shade or two darker if you want a more defined line.

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Make Your Lipstick Lasts

Thinking of trying to find a secret and make your lipstick last longer? Making your lipstick last longer is not really a secret, it's basically a combination of quality product choices, prep work, careful application, and a bit of time to make it stick.

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