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Sebastian Kneipp (1821 - 1897)

Sebastian Kneipp's holistic approach is still of groundbreaking relevance today for naturopathic healing methods and contemporary preventative medicine.

During his life, Sebastian Kneipp used knowledge of the healing powers of water and medicinal plants and combined them with his own insights to create a systematic teaching. Thus the priest and naturopath created a visionary life philosophy that sees man going about his daily habits and routines and his natural environment as an inseparable and balanced entity. He considered the elements of water, plants, exercise, diet and balance to be closely linked. The name Kneipp not only stands for scientifically based nauropathic products & treatments, but also for a holistic life philosophy. [ more> ]

My Water Cure - by Sebastian Kneipp - 1894. The author presents his water-cure, tested for more than 35 years and published for the cure of diseases and the preservation of health. With one hundred illustrations and a portrait of the author. Translated from the German. Contents: methods of application of water; an pharmacopoeia of other treatments; a list of complaints and their treatment in alphabetical order. [ more> ]

My Will: A Legacy To The Healthy & The Sick - by Sebastian Kneipp  It is a common practice for everyone who has acquired something or effected anything in his life time, to take steps for securing its continuance in the future, and to make sure that it will fall into the hands of those who will value it and make good use of it, and it is to ensure this that a Man makes his Will. I have during the last few years written many books on various subjects not for my own profit but for that of mankind, especially for that portion of it afflicted with pain and wretchedness of whatever sort. I have written them in the simplest possible language so that everyone can understand and select from them that which is helpful in his or her particular need. Above all I have, in these books, given rules for people of every rank and condition, rules for living, and hints how to help themselves in emergencies. My whole effort has been to point out and explain what the Creator offers us in Water and in Herbs. As in an Exhibition various objects are exposed to view, so in these may be found many things valuable and serviceable in life. The author covers the following subjects: Alcohol, Anemia, Apoplexy, Asthma, Colds, Baldness, Cataract, Colic, Cold Feet, Dropsy, Dysentery, Deafness, Ear Ache, Fever, Food, Goiter, Massage, Medicinal Herbs, Tonsils, Varicose Veins, Urinary Difficulties, etc. [ more> ]

Thus Shalt Thou Live - by Sebastian Kneipp - 1897. Found in this book are hints and advises for the healthy and the sick on a simple and rational mode of life and a natural method of cure. Various sufferings of mind and body render the performance of man's earthly duties difficult and onerous, for a 'heavy yoke lies on Adam's children from the day they went forth from their mother's womb to the day they return to the earth, the mother of all.' Reason teaches us that it was not always so, for, by his immortal soul and his free will, man is an image of his Almighty creator. At all times there have been men who made it the object of their life to discover ways and means for the cure of diseases. Many books give us useful information about the healing properties of certain herbs and the wholesome effects of mineral substances. [ more> ]

The Codicil To My  Will For The Healthy And The Sick - by Sebastian Kneipp - Containing Chapters On Anatomy And Care Of The Human Body, Gymnastic Exercises, First Help In Accidents, Cooking Recipes, Medicinal Plants, And The Cure Of Diseases.  [ more> ]

Baby's Kneipp Cure Or The Care Of Children In Health & Disease - by Sebastian Kneipp - 1896. In this little work Father Kneipp sets forth the happiness, responsibilities and duties of motherhood, and he instructs mothers how to order their lives and how best to bring up their children. He also gives simple directions for dealing with the usual diseases of children. [ more> ]


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