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Buying Beauty Products F.A.Q. and Answers

Buying Beauty Products - F.A.Q.

1. My spending habits for beauty products are out of control, what should I do?

2. Should I really toss perfectly good makeup if expiry date is out?

3. Why should I buy more expensive makeup brushes? Are they really worth the money?

4. What kind of makeup brushes should I buy?

5. My friend suggested makeup line that she usually buy and I never used before, should I buy it any way?

6. What do you think about Health-Food Store Creams?

7. I try to use different techniques for applying lipstick, but always endup with lipstick on my teeth. How to avoid lipstick on my teeth?

8. What should be applied first, lipstick or lip liner?

Answers to F.A.Q.

1. Here are some ideas on how to control & create better spending habits:

- Good makeup should reflect, not mask the woman who wears it. So, keep your makeup simple and fun.

- Real beauty never comes out of a tube, it has emotional, physical, and intellectual components and every woman can attain it.

- Don't get caught up in marketing madness. Always try to know exactly what you're looking for (including brands and trend colors).

- If you need to try different makeup colors, do not buy them, instead head to the department store makeup counter, choose your favorite brand and try them there. You don't have to buy products there, shop around for specials, don't forget to check online sources for better deals.

- Great quality products do not have to cost a fortune. There are plenty of effective and fun products available at perfectly reasonable prices, so shop around.

- You don't need a super-sized product suitcase to do a daily makeup. Good foundation, matching eye shadow, blush, and lip color are few examples of products that, when properly applied, can create a perfectly polished look and give the face an instant lift.

- Proper knowledge about skincare and application techniques is much more valuable than keeping up with makeup trends. Proper care and feeding of the skin will give you a greater return on your investment than the newest product line ever will.

- Knowing how to use makeup and makeup tools will ensure you get more mileage out of them, and will also improve how the makeup wears on you.

2. Yes. Checking the expiry dates on your cosmetics is a must. If you don't want infections from your old makeup, try to keep track of them. When they are ready to be tossed, don't be sorry, just toss them. If you are on budget, make a list of what replacements you need, go over the list couple times, ask yourself if you really need them, decide how much you want to spend and than go shopping. For best control, pay with cash only and try to buy only the products from your list.

3. We always recommend buying quality makeup brushes. With just a little more money you will have huge difference in application, even savings on your makeup products because the right tool can make all the difference in application and you will need less product for your applications. If properly cared for, quality makeup brushes can last for years.

4. If you are on budget and can't invest in several brushes, try to purchase the absolute essentials:shadow brush, eyeliner brush, concealer brush, and blush brush. Always look for brushes that are soft and full and make sure to run your hand through the bristles. If bristles tend to fall out easily, don't buy because that is a sure sign of a poor quality brush. If you know what you need, you can also find good quality brushes at an art & craft supply store, so check a handful of stores and try to get the beast deal.

5. Your makeup should not be prescribed by others, only you can decide what looks right for you and that is a never-ending and very exciting experiment. Real beauty is not a simple formula, it is always open to interpretation. Every woman arrives at her own look in her own way through trial and error. Keep in mind that every woman has unique combination of skin tone, hair and eye color which will determine what looks best and doesn't overwhelm individual look.

6. Health-Food Store Creams could be a very good deal, but because these products have fewer preservatives you have to be especially careful to store them properly, away from heat and sunlight. Make sure you know all ingredients and also check with your doctor if you have any allergies.

7. Applying too much lipstick leads to embarrassing results, like leaving lipstick residue on your teeth. To avoid over-application, remove any lipstick that has gotten on the inner part of your lips that touches your teeth. An easy techinique to avoid that is to apply lipstick, than put your finger in your mouth, close your mouth around your finger and gently slide finger out.

8. If you are not correcting your lip line, apply lipstick first, then add lip liner. When you are applying lipstick first, you will be able to see exactly where you need the lip liner and the lip liner will go easy and much smoother. When your lip color starts to fade, the liner and lipstick will fade away together, without leaving mark around your lips.

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