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Kneipp Herbal Products

Kneipp Herbal Products

In 1890 Sebastian Kneipp met the Würzburg apothecary, Leonhard Oberhäußer. They became close partners and good friends through their shared conviction of doing good using naturopathic medicine and healing remedies.

A year later Kneipp entrusted his friend and fellow apothecary with the legacy of his lifelong studies and granted him the exclusive rights to develop, produce and sell pharmaceutical, cosmetic as well as dietary products “under the name and with the image of Father Sebastian Kneipp.” Using natural plant essences and other pure ingredients as a base, they created the formulas that still to this day constitute the basis for all of Kneipp’s products.

"Nature has provided us generously with everything we need to remain in good health." ~Sebastian Kneipp

You should know, that a twenty minute therapeutic soak does wonders for your health, bathes away stress, strain, fatigue and leaves the skin soft and moisturized.

Kneipp Herbal Baths - This highly concentrated bath treatments with wonderful aroma will help you to maintain a healthy and resilient body. Turn each bath into a beautiful health-spa treatment.

Kneipp Foot Balms - Foot Balm formulated with natural extracts soothes and reconditions stressed feet, softens rough skin. It also helps keep feet dry and odor-free. For daily moisture care, massage into feet and between toes. To alleviate cracked skin, apply a thick layer and let absorb slowly. Use for a revitalizing massage on tired, aching feet.

Kneipp Bath Salts - Bath salts are so good for your body. Different variety available, from calming to energizing, just choose what you like. They harmonize mind and body and will help you to reduce stress, energize your system, and restore harmony and balance. Some of them are ideal during cold and allergy seasons, some stimulate blood circulation and soothe discomfort, they can also help your tired sore muscles after sports or strenous activity.

Kneipp Herbal Bath Tablets - Kneipp Herbal Bath Tablets are a special aromatherapeutic treat. Activated by warm water, they release aromatic essential oils to help renew your mind and body.

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