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Gehwol Product Line

The Story of Gehwol Foot Care Products


In 1868 in Lübbecke in the Westphalia region of Germany, the pharmacist Eduard Gerlach took over his father's colonial goods store and expanded it with a drugstore. With his drugstore which was the first of its kind in the war zone at that time, Eduard Gerlach laid the foundation for a prospering family business, which, with the brand name Gehwol, has obtained international recognition and has become a synonym for foot-care.

Gelach is rightly so considered to be a pioneer of modern foot-care, due to the fact that he developed the first industrially manufactured cream for the prevention and alleviation of foot ailments. As a soldier he was able to find out for himself how unbearably painful sore feet can be. As a pharmacist he was able to successfully mix fundamental substances such as potassium carbonate, unsaturated fatty acids, mineral-based lubricants and disinfecting essential oils in such a way that he was able to market "E.Gerlach's Preservative Cream" in 1882. His brand quickly found a ready market.

Thanks to the unique properties of his special cream and his industrial method of production, E. Gerlach was the first person that was able to successfully manufacture foot care products in large quantities at low prices and always with consistent quality. Primarly due to this fact foot care became affordable for a large portion of the general public and thus the prerequisites for the creation of a general foot care consciousness were laid down. A new era of foot care began. Eduard Gerlach received numerous international honours for his "Preservative cream"


The GEHWOL footcare product line is based on natural plant extracts, with Gehwol's specially formulated ingredients, designed to preserve and maintain the well-being of the feet.

Translated from German, Gehwol means "WALK WELL". Whether you have tired, painful or cold feet, hard skin, foot odour or cracked skin – you can find the right product for every problem, achieving excellent results through carefully targeted, regular foot-care. Gehwol brings you relief that you can rely on.

GEHWOL CLASSIC LINE - The classic product series offers a complete spectrum of effective modern care products. For everyone who wants to do something good for his or her feet and legs.

GEHWOL MED LINE - For persistent foot and nail problems. The particularly effective series of preparations is well-tried for years.

FUSSKRAFT LINE - In 1961 Gerlach developed a series of preparations designed exclusively for professional foot care: Gehwol Fusskraft - the right solution for every foot problem. Gehwol Fusskraft Line is divided in four series:

BLUE - for dry skin

RED - for cold feet and poor circulation.

GREEN - for foot odor and perspiration.

MINT - for hot feet, ice cool freshness.

GEHWOL SPECIAL CREAMS AND PREPARATIONS - Very effective nail care, fungicide preparations and special applications for special foot conditions. Even for these problems Gehwol preparations are the products of choice.

GERLACH PREPARATIONS - GERLACH has effective, comprehensive knowledge at their disposal, which can also be transfered over into other health care areas. The result: quality products that go beyond foot care.

GEHWOL PLASTERS & PROTECTIVE PADS - If your shoes pinch or every step causes you pain, these GEHWOL products offer relief and custom-made treatment support. Comfortable soft skin-friendly foam pads provide effective protection against pain.

GEHWOL INGREDIENTS - Effective combination of herbal exctracts, combined with the finest essential oils, vitamins, natural fats and other special ingredients, make up the highly effective Gehwol product. CLICK HERE to read more.

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