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Frei Oel (frei öl)

Frei Oel - Easy and Uncomplicated Care

Easy and uncomplicated care with healthy looking skin for everyone

Frei Oel (frei öl)- Easy and uncomplicated care with healthy looking skin for everyone. This remarkable line of high quality German creams, moisturizers, cleansers, shampoos, beauty treatments, deo sprays and related skin and body care products are ideal daily care solution recommended by many skin care professionals and consumers worldwide.


FREI OEL BODY OILS - Care and results with precious oils for all skin types. The frei öl® BODY OILS (Frei Oel Skincare Oil, Frei Oel Massage Oil for Pregnant Women and Frei Oel Shaping Oil), which contain precious natural oils, nurture and support skin with individually selected active ingredients tailored to different skin needs.

  • Skincare Oil - The number 1 skincare oil in German pharmacies, indulges dry skin with precious natural oils and vitamins and lends skin a silky feeling. This precious oil supports cell renewal with vitamin A, and is so effective that it even noticeably softens scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tones.
  • Massage Oil for Pregnant Women - This legendary oil effectively prevents stretch marks, increases skin elasticity with vitamin E, nurtures intensively with omega 3 and 6 fatty acids from natural oils and calms stressed skin with bisabolol from chamomile.
  • Shaping Oil - The activating shaping oil shapes, smoothes, reduces cellulite and firms problem areas such as stomach, legs, bottom and upper arms. At the same time, it nurtures the skin with valuable omega fatty acids from natural oils. For new mothers, it is also an ideal companion following pregnancy.

FREI OEL HYDROLIPID - Pampers dry skin. The products of the frei öl® HYDROLIPID line support the natural skin functions, help to soothe dryness and relax the skin. Products in this line: Moisturizing Cream, Intensive Cream, Day Care Hyaluron Active, Day Care Protect SPF 15, Night Care Passionflower, Facial Oil, Eye Cream, Lip Balm, Lip Care, Body Lotion and Hand Cream.

FREI OEL ANTI AGE HYALURON LIFT - For demanding skin - 4-way anti-wrinkle effect. The products of the frei öl® ANTI AGE HYALURON LIFT line (Day Care, Day Care SPF 15, Night Care, Eye Cream, ALL-IN-One Concentrate, and Intensive Serum) act against wrinkles in 4 ways thanks to highly active ingredients whose effectiveness has been scientifically proven.

FREI OEL REVITAL - Firms and revitalizes mature skin. The products of the frei öl® REVITAL line (Day Care, Night Care, Body Lotion) with the versatile active ingredient Sytenol® A, revitalize, firm and nourish mature skin noticeably.

FREI OEL CLEAR BALANCE - For blemish prone skin. This product line is effective against impure skin. Frei öl® CLEAR BALANCE products (Cleansing Gel pH 5.5, Facial Tonic, Face Cream) reduce spots and blemishes with the unique Azelaic Complex, which makes them gentle on the skin.

  • Frei öl® Cleansing Gel pH 5.5 - The frei öl® CLEAR BALANCE Cleansing Gel pH 5.5 cleanses the skin thoroughly of sebum with an antibacterial effect.
  • Frei öl® Clear Balance Facial Tonic - The antibacterial Facial Tonic refines pores, reduces spots and blemishes effectively, regulates sebum production with 6% unique Azelaic Complex, and prepares the skin for further care treatment.
  • Frei öl® Clear Balance Face Cream - The mattifying face cream effectively reduces spots and blemishes. At the same time it regulates oil production, reduces irritations and moisturizes.

FREI OEL CLEANSING & DEODORANS - For all skin types. This gentle and refreshing care for face and body is the perfect start toward the beautiful skin. Since the first step for well nourished skin is proper cleansing, start complementing your skincare with an assortment of frei öl® cleansing products for face and body. Products in this line: Face Cleansing Cream pH 5.5, Cleansing Milk, Facial Tonic, Shower gel pH 5.5, Washing & Shower Cream pH 5.5, Milky bath Oil, Deodorant Spray, Roll-on Deodorant and Deo Balm.

FREI OEL UREA 2 IN 1 - Medical care for very dry skin. Recommended by dermatologists worldwide, the products of the frei öl® UREA 2 IN 1 line work in two different ways: They provide intense moisture, and help regenerate the skin barrier. The skin is noticeably smoother, roughness, flakes and itching disappear. Dermatologically tested on patients with atopic skin (neurodermatitis) and diabetes.

  • Frei öl® Urea 5% Face Cream - This highly effective cream moisturizes very dry facial skin, and immediately eases the feeling of tightness. Protects the skin’s lipid and moisture levels, and supports regeneration of the skin barrier with borage oil.
  • Frei öl® Urea 10% Intensive Body Lotion - This rich body lotion provides moisture, reduces flakes and fights itching caused by dry skin. It leaves your skin smooth and supple.
  • Frei öl® Urea 5% Hand Cream This intensive care hand cream quickly makes chapped skin on your hands smooth and supple again. Hangnails and cracks on your fingertips vanish, leaving pleasantly smooth-feeling skin.
  • Frei öl® Urea 10% Foot Cream - Intensively nourishing foot cream that repairs chapped, cracked skin and fights excessive calluses. The texture absorbs quickly, reduces irritation and creates pleasantly smooth-feeling skin.