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Biodroga - The Finest in Biological Beauty Care

Biodroga - The Finest in Biological Beauty Care

BIODROGA a name that has come to be synonymous with the finest in the biological beauty care, is a privately held, family owned manufacturer of high quality biological skin care products from SPA city of Baden-Baden, Germany. Biodroga offers an exclusive problem solution approach to aging, addressing the most frequently encountered skin problems. Each of their Beauty Care Systems is a complete, well-rounded skin treatment program based on key, bio-active ingredients unique to Biodroga. Their high quality products reflect the most advanced bio-technology formulated with biologically based, proven effective ingredients.

Biodroga - Skin care that keeps giving all the time and help you look and feel younger! Preserve your skin's appearance, today as well as in the future. Innovative product development, production in high-tech plants and a very precise monitoring system are further guarantees of superior quality.

BIODROGA CLEANSING LINE - Biodroga has developed a complete cleansing system for every skin type that can be used no matter what the customary skin care system. You just need to take time for your daily morning and evening cleansing ritual and to prime your skin for subsequent care. CLICK HERE to find out more about this line.

BIODROGA MASK LINE - The Mask Line from Biodroga is the ideal complement to your daily beauty care. They produce a broad range of special problem solvers, each keyed to specific skin requirements.

BIODROGA SPA SENSATION - Specially developed, exclusive care spa products with precious ingredients that will give you a feeling like on cloud nine. Blissfully soft, velvety smooth, perfectly groomed - with Salt Scrub, Sugar Scrub and Daily Body Moisturizer you give your skin maximum care. Refreshingly aromatic oils and highly effective substances in Contouring Oil, Anti Cellulite Lotion and Firming Body Gel vitalize skin metabolism and firm the silhouette.

BIODROGA LOTUS & SCIENCE - This line is part of Biodroga's Premiumcare, so use it to replenish skin with some of its perfection. The precious extract from the lotus flower is the core of LOTUS & SCIENCE. In conjunction with choice ingredient combinations, it provides for a sensational skincare success. The extraordinary care results were proven in a long-term efficiency test: After 6 month reduction of wrinkle depth 61%.

BIODROGA HIGH-PERFORMANCE - Premium Skin Care Luxurious power skincare for a perfect Skin 24-h High-Performance Formula for 100% skincare meets any skin demand; from anti-age, protection, repair, moisture, to conditioning and special care. Always at hand, for targeted use whenever they are needed.

BIODROGA SYSTEMCARE PRODUCTS: - Each of the Biodroga's Systemcare line is a complete, well-rounded skin treatment that offers an exclusive problem solution approach to the frequently encountered skin problems and is based on biologically based, proven effective ingredients unique to Biodroga. This line consists of: Intense Moisture Formula, Biodroga Oxygen Formula, Repair + Cell Protection, Puran Formula and Sensitive Formula. CLICK HERE to find out more about this line.

BIODROGA ANTI-AGING SYSTEMCARE - The anti-aging care is for everyone who wants to maintain youthfulness! Plant stem cells protect the longevity of skin's own stem cells and stimulate their activity, keeping you looking your best! This sophisticated skincare line consists of: Golden Caviar, Anti-Age Cell Formula, Caviar & Radiance, Global Anti-Age Formula, Age Performance Formula and Energize & Perfect. CLICK HERE to find out more about this line.