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Biodroga Systemcare

Biodroga Systemcare

BIODROGA SYSTEMS - Skin care that keeps giving all the time and help you look and feel younger!

Preserve your skin's appearance, today as well as in the future.

Innovative product development, production in high-tech plants and a very precise monitoring system are further guarantees of superior quality.

BIODROGA SYSTEMCARE PRODUCTS: Intense Moisture Formula, Biodroga Oxygen Formula, Repair + Cell Protection, Puran Formula and Sensitive Formula


Each of the Biodroga's Systemcare line is a complete, well-rounded skin treatment that offers an exclusive problem solution approach to the frequently encountered skin problems and is based on biologically based, proven effective ingredients unique to Biodroga.

Intense Moisture Formula - This inovative skincare line stimulate the aquaporines within the skin. Aquaporines are proteins which form channels in the cell membrane and control the water transportation in the skin. This concept stimulates skin's natural hydration mechanisms – and creates double effect for a perfect hydration from inside and outside.

Biodroga Oxygen Formula - The Oxygen Formula is specialy created for oxygen-deficient skin. Skin with too little oxygen is looking tired and pale. Use this system to vitalize your skin and let it breathe freely again. You have option to choose your individual care depending on your skin type.

Puran Formula - Great system for impure skin cleanliness. Pure and simple formula, specifically formulated to aid in balancing and normalizing impure skin gives your skin natural protection, restoring its equilibrium and lending you a complexion that is a joy to see. A complete series extending from cleansing fluid, clarifying lotion, through care, to a lightly tinted day creme.

Sensitive Formula - Sensitive skin? No problem with SENSITIVE FORMULA - Luxurious power care for perfect skin! The particularly delicate textures soothe, protect and condition skin. They support its resistance and diminish irritations and redness. In addition, this gentle care balances skin's lipid and moisture level leaving a pleasant skin feel.

Repair + Cell Protection - The system for light-stressed skin with tripple effect: Repair, anti-UV stress und anti-wrinkle. In the course of time, the regeneration capacity of skin decreases. Sun light, in the opinion of experts, is responsible for more than 70% of all skin-aging processes. This unique skincare system acts against light-induced skin aging when skin is stressed by UV radiation and extreme climatic conditions. The result is impressive: A visible anti-wrinkle effect. Skin looks longer youthfully fresh and noticeably more vital. Moreover: Protection and prevention for the future of your skin.

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