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Biodroga Anti Aging

Biodroga Anti-Aging Systemcare consists of: Golden Caviar, Anti-Age Cell Formula, Caviar & Radiance, Global Anti-Age Formula, Age Performance Formula and Energize & Perfect. The anti-aging care is for everyone who wants to maintain youthfulness. Plant stem cells protect the longevity of skin's own stem cells and stimulate their activity, keeping you looking your best!

Golden Caviar - This is a luxurious power care (made with precious caviar exract, essential vitamins and high- quality minerals in the purest, most concentrated form) that pampers your skin superbly and provide the feeling of the very best.

Anti-Age Cell Formula - This new skincare line offers a maximum anti-aging effect. It is is based on the latest know how with regard to skin stem cells and works where skin aging has its origin. The efficiency is scientifically proven: Lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced, skin's elasticity and resilience are improved and skin looks younger and firmed.

Caviar & Radiance - This sophisticated skincare line contains caviar extract (used to stimulate cell metabolism and microcirculation in the skin, reducing lines and wrinkles and preventing premature environmentally-induced aging) and dragon fruit extract (which gives the skin a new, youthful brilliance). Result is sensual luxury and a beautiful, smooth, firm and radiant skin.

Global Anti-Age Formula - This formula, created with anti-age complex (Argania phyto stem cells and biopeptides) is inspired by nature and the formation of new skin cells andskin’s own elastin are stimulated by means of the innovative EDP (peptides). Skin becomes tighter and more elastic again, fine lines and wrinkles are diminished and facial featuresre-contoured.

Age Performance Formula - This delicate, pampering care with the sensational scent is particularly developed for the needs of very mature skin and offers unsurpassed care, comfort and sense of well-being at any age.

Energize & Perfect - This skincare line helps to revitalize fatigued skin, improves skin's lipid balance, optimizes the skin's ability to bind moisture, reduces lines and wrinkles and makes skin appear radiant, balanced and firm.

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Biodroga - A a name that has come to be synonymous with the finest in the biological beauty care. Biodroga offers an exclusive problem solution approach to aging, addressing the most frequently encountered skin problems.

Biodroga Cleansing Line - Biodroga has developed a complete cleansing system for every skin type that can be used no matter what the customary skin care system. You just need to take time for your daily morning and evening cleansing ritual and to prime your skin for subsequent care.

Biodroga Systemcare - This product line consists of: Intense Moisture Formula, Biodroga Oxygen Formula, Repair + Cell Protection, Puran Formula, and Sensitive Formula.