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F.A.Q. & Answers About Makeup

How to Avoid Common Makeup Mistakes

On this page you will find frequently asked makeup questions from our readers and our answers to their questions. We hope this page will help you to learn more about makeup and how to avoid common mistakes.

Your Questions:

1. Why does my makeup look different and sort of unfinished in natural light?

2. How to prevent eyeliner from crumbling?

3. Why my lipstick always look different than the color on the package? What I'm doing wrong?

4. What is the best tool to use for liquid foundation?

5. I don't like lipsticks or anything heavy on my lips. Could I just use lip balms and still look good?

6. How to clean makeup brushes?

7. How to make nude lips?

8. Q: How to keep my misbehaving eyebrows in order?

9. How to avoid lipstick stains on the glass?

10. My friend looks great in her bright orange lipstick, but when I tried it on, it looks totally different. Why?

11. I have a hard time to apply bronzer evenly and whatever I do, it just doesn't look good. Do you have any ideas or tips?

12. I have redness on some parts of my face and dark spots under my eyes. What shade of concealer will work best to correct my problem spots?


1. Makeup lights are important. You are probably applying your makeup in poor light. It is hard to do a good makeup job in poor light. Daylight will reveal imperfections, makeup applied too heavily, and so on. Try applying your makeup in a room with the most natural lighting or buy a makeup mirror with adjustable lighting. Check your makeup by a window before going out the door to avoid unpleasant surprises.

2. Eyeliner tip: Leave your eyeliner in deep freezer for 10 to 15 minutes prior to applying makeup if you want to prevent crumbling. It will work like charm and you will enjoy an easy, seamless glide along your lash line. The same trick will work when you need to sharpen your eyeliner, brow pencil or lipliner.

3. Lipstick color - Your lips have their own shade which interfere with the lipstick original color. If you want to accomplish color similar to the one on the package, prime your lips with a touch of foundation than apply lipstick. Your color will look almost like the color on the package.

4. Liquid foundation tip: Good quality foundation brush is the best tool for liquid foundation. It allows more precise application, waste less foundation and is easy to maintain. Makeup sponges usually soak more liquid foundation, so you have to replace it more often and you have to constantly buy new sponges.

5. Lip balms - If you're not a fan of lipstick, try using a tinted lip balms. Tinted lip balms give you color without the feel of anything heavy or waxy on your lips while keeping your lips look great and feel soft. Just keep in mind that they lack the staying power of a true lipstick.

6. Cleaning makeup brushes tip: Clean your makeup brushes with a makeup brush cleaner (which can be purchased at your local beauty or drug store), or you can simply use shampoo and conditioner to clean your brushes. Use same technique as you would use for your own hair. Clean your makeup brushes regularly (at least once a week) to avoid a buildup of makeup residue and bacteria. Clean brushes guarantee a super smooth and even makeup application every time. CLICK HERE to find out more.

7. Nude lips tip: Exfoliate your lips. Apply pale pink shade lipstick to your lips. Blot lips with a tissue to remove excess color. With a large fluffy makeup brush, apply a light dusting of translucent powder on top of the lipstick. If your lips are small, apply another tiny coat of pale pink shade lipstick using lip brush. For normal lips you don't need another coat of lipstick.

8. Misbehaving-eyebrows tip: Spray a eyebrow brush or clean mascara wand with a bit of hairspray, then brush brows and style them as desired. Even the most hard to tame eyebrows will stay in place just like hair does.

9. Lipstick stains tip: Matte shades of lipstick or matte lip stains may help you to prevent this from happening. But if you prefer glossy look, your best bet is to drink from a straw.

10. Lipstick color - Your friend probably have medium skin tones. Most medium skin tones look great in bright orange. If you are darker opt for a saturated tangerine color. For fair skin tones try an apricot orange.

11. Bronzer tip: If you want to apply bronzer evenly, try to mix it with a little bit of your favorite moisture cream, blend it well with Q-tip or your finger, then apply blend to your skin as you would regular moisturizer. Your blended bronzer will look nice and it will cover your skin evenly.

12. Concealer shades - When choosing a concealer, choose shades that are a half shade lighter than your skin tone. You will need more than one concealer to correct your problems. For under eyes, use concealer with yellow and peach undertones. To cover redness on some parts of your face, pick concealer with cool undertones.

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