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About Nail Care

Nail Care

People may not realize it, but our hands and fingernails reveal a lot about us. Healty nails are a sign of general good health.

Nails are permeable, which means they let in liquids that come in contact with them. If you want to keep your hands and nails healthy and looking their best, moisturize them regularly and treat them gently. A gentle hand massage will boost your circulation and encourage nail growth and is also the perfect way to pamper yourself.

Another basic recipe for strong, vigorous nails and healty skin around them is a balanced diet and perfectly clean nails and nail tools.

Important Things to Know

Consider your diet. You can improve your nails with a proper diet. Nails are made of a hard protein called keratin. A protein is one of the building blocks which make up the body. Protein rich foods like fish, nuts and beans are recommended. Also don't forget vegetables and fruit to add vitamins and minerals. Adding some supplements like biotin, fish oil and Vitamin E to your daily regimen can improve your nails and your overall health.

The nail plate is composed of layers of compressed scleroprotein cells, held together by natural oils and moisture which give the keratinized layer its suppleness. It is naturally the visible, outer layer that is particularly sensitive to outside elements and can very easily be dried by too much sun, nail products, detergents, chlorine, cold weather, etc., causing nails to become brittle.

The nails are very important. They help protect the ends of the fingers and toes from trauma and also help us pick up small objects. Human nails grow at an average of one-tenth of an inch a month from the area under cuticle called matrix. As new cells grow, older cells become hard and compacted and are eventually pushed out toward our fingertips. Keep in mind that regular trims are very important, so try to clip them every two weeks, adjusting to more or less, depending on your nails and season. Nails grow faster on dominant hand, and they grow more in summer than in winter.

Don't forget to take proper care of your nail tools. To prevent infections, wash your metal tools with soapy water, dry with paper towel, than disinfect with rubbing alcohol. Disposable and damaged tools (like emery boards) should be regularly replaced.

Read the labels and try to avoid nail products that contain toxic chemicals like: formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, and toluene, as these toxins can contribute to brittleness, splitting, and cracking of your nails.

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