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Healthy Diet for Healthy Body

Healthy Diet for Healthy Body

We are busier than ever. As our life has speed up, so, too, has our way of preparing and consuming food. Most of us don't have much time to prepare proper meals and often fall back on ready-to-cook meals, treating food simply as fuel, sometimes consuming same unhealthy things over and over.

It takes a healthy diet to build a healthy body! So, stop treating food as fuel at the expense of good health. Proper nutritious food is one of the keys to good health, youthful looks, happy life and vitality. You can help yourself and other members of your family to stay healthy with the right nutrition. As a parents, don't forget about role models around the table. Keep in mind what you eat has a big influence on what your kids eat. Even if they don't like greens, as long as they see you eat them, that's a big step in the right direction.

Family meals are important and homemade foods generally are much better than processed food or takeout. If you plan ahead, it's not that difficult to find fresh local ingredients and prepare dinner at home. Dinner should be social event for your family, time to slow down and appreciate food. Start taking pleasure in cooking, eating and enjoying time with your family. Plus family meal is a time when you can teach your kids good food habits, enjoy good conversation and have regular updates about everyone's day. Families that eat together, stay together.

Healthy Eating Tips:

Eat regularly, preferably every three to four hours, and don't skip meals. You should have so start with breakfast, lunch, dinner and two small snacks between. Avoid late dinner.

Lover your glucose load, which means eat less foods that raise your blood sugar level.

Avoid soft drinks, or fountain drinks that contain a lot of sugar, and make water or unsweetened tea your drink of choice. Do not drink diet sodas.

Choose fresh fruit instead of cake or pastry for dessert.

When serving food, pay attention to portion sizes.

If you and your family like snacks, pick a healthy options like nuts and trail mixes (in moderation), instead of candy and potato chips.

Eat less Omega-6s (vegetable oils, margarine) and more Omega-3s (olive oil, flaxseed oil).

Most of us don't eat enough fruits and vegetables and we ingest too much sugar, fat, salt and food preservatives.

Eat more greens to increase your energy level and improve your health. Prepare healthy snacks. Cut-up vegetables keep well in a zip-top bag.

Enjoy long, leisurely meals composed of healthy dishes.

Learn to stop eating when you are satisfied, leaving food on the plate is not wasteful.

Avoid eating when you are bored or miserable and don't eat leftovers when you are not hungry.

If restaurants are your only option, try to pick up healthier foods. Ask for more vegetables instead of fries or anything fried.

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